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Education & Credentials


Pratt Institute, Master’s Degree in Industrial Design, 2001


Cornell University, BS, Human Factors & Ergonomics - Department of Design & Environmental Analysis, 1998


Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), 2009

Object Oriented UX Masterclass, 2021

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Work experience


User Research & Design Lead, 2018 - present


Leads the human centered design (HCD) effort of a multidisciplinary incubator to redesign the delivery of mental healthcare to improve reach and quality for underserved communities.

  • Projects include: developing digital mental health apps, modifying existing evidence based psychosocial interventions (EBPIs), creating nonburdensome decision aids and training tools to enhance treatment usability and ensure quality delivery and scalability.

  • Conducts first and secondary research, synthesizing findings and actionable recommendations, sharing to diverse audiences in presentations and written reports. 

  • Manages the design team’s daily activities and mentors 12 teams of grant awardees about how to incorporate HCD into their methodology to achieve their aims.

  • Writes and produces educational videos that the Center disseminates on our research findings and key HCD methods.

  • Oversees the design of the visual identify of the Center’s brand, website, promotional material and social presence.

  • Developed and implements UW ALACRITY Center’s consulting practice to provide expertise on outside projects not funded by the Center.


User Experience Research Consultant, 2015 - 2018

Provided strategic User Experience support to clients, including:

Blink UX- Supported a user experience (UX) consulting firm delivering research and design services specializing in digital products.

  • Developed and executed a usability study of controllers, wayfinding and navigation inside an Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) environment.

Ladybug House- Participated in the strategic design of the nation’s 3rd palliative care home and hospice for children.

  • Conducted a needs assessment to determine the services needed to offer a place for respite and renewal to families and their children with life-limiting illnesses.

  • Developed participant screeners and discussion guides for interviews with caregivers, siblings, and healthcare providers.

  • Collaborated with Seattle University’s Dept. of Nursing and oversaw the team’s collection of data from across Washington through online surveys.

  • Conducted site visits of hospices and shadowed families.

Researcher and Human Factors/User Experience Consultant, 2013 - 2015
PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), Seattle, WA

Designed and executed the human factors/usability evaluations for vaccination delivery systems/devices and diagnostic apps.

  • Developed use scenarios for the different environmental settings and immunization campaigns.

  • Wrote reports for manufacturers containing design recommendations for future iterations and modifications for the IFUs (Instructions for Use) to improve their system’s usability and reduce risk of error.


Lead Service Designer, 2011- 2012
Mayo Clinic, Center for Innovation, Rochester, MN

Worked with a multidisciplinary team within the Mayo Clinic to identify solutions for improving the experience and delivery of healthcare.

  • Founding Lead Designer of Mayo Clinic “Healthy Aging & Independent Living Laboratory” (HAIL): a site for focus groups, as well as for designing, prototyping and piloting new services and technologies.  Worked with residents of continuing care residential communities and other community agencies.

  • Conducted first and secondary research; presented findings in presentations, exhibits and written reports.  Qualitative research methods included: ethnographic research, site immersion, stakeholder interviews and co-creation workshops.

  • Facilitated workshops to foster a culture of innovation throughout the Clinic.

  • Developed educational exhibits. 

Design Researcher/Human Factors Specialist, 2009 - 2011
Consultant, New York, NY  


  • Provided support in the design and development of medical and commercial services, products and equipment.

  • Examined human factors issues at each stage of the design process: conducted research on user capabilities, participated in concept development and selection.

  • Conducted user research employing qualitative and quantitative techniques. 


Associate Ergonomist, 2008 -2009
Humanscale Corporation, New York, NY  


  • Developed a customized web-based tool to measure the impact of ergonomic interventions.  Included both pre and post assessment of discomfort analysis, documentation of musculoskeletal risk, and recommendations for postural improvement. 

  • Researched human factors design criteria and anthropometric parameters for product design initiatives for the Humanscale product line. 

  • Lectured on workplace ergonomics in various conference/venues throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Trained employees and management on key ergonomic concepts regarding worker comfort and satisfaction, injury rates and associated costs.

  • Developed and implemented formal ergonomics programs for Humanscale clientele: Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and heathcare environments.

  • Conducted workstation assessments, audits and train-the-trainer programs. 


Product Analyst Consultant, 2006 - 2007
Consumer Reports, Yonkers, NY                                                                               


  • Identified product developments and trends to make recommendations for testing and editorial by consumer advocacy publication.

  • Researched product-related injuries and ergonomic concerns for product safety analyses.

  • Created ease-of-use criteria for evaluating consumer goods and analyzed overall usability.

  • Conducted a variety of tests and experiments; assisted in interpretation & evaluation of test data.

  • Built external contacts and relationships with product manufacturers.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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