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Collaborative Hypertension Management System


A joint study of Mayo Clinic Healthy Aging & Independent Living initiative (HAIL) with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) evaluating their prototype of a hypertension management system.  'CollaboRhythm' is a technology platform for tele-collaboration where patients are empowered to become active participants and where doctors and other health professionals are transformed into real-time coaches.


‘CollaboRhythm’ combines:

  • Self-reporting of medication adherence.

  • Blood pressure monitor app demonstrating  medications’ effects on the body.

  • A health coach who monitors and provides feedback, insight, and encouragement.


Objective: User experience/human factors study of a working prototype looking at acceptance, compliance, navigation/clarity of screens and digital interface.  


Methods: weekly check-ins, tech support, interviews and home observations


Deliverables: written report outlining study results and specific recommendations for: improving the usability of the digital interface design and information architecture, training for the health coach about incorporating the digital tool into sessions, and the design/participant recruitment for future user experience studies.


To learn more about this project and how the platform has since been used to address the treatment of diabetes see the MIT Media Lab's CollaboRhythm website and video

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